3 Basement Waterproofing Tips to Ensure Your Remodeling Projects Stay Dry

When remodeling or finishing your basement, one of the most important things that you need to consider first is the waterproofing. These are a combination of waterproofing, drainage, and mechanical systems that help keep water out of the basement of your home and prevent damage.  Here are some tips to help ensure your basement waterproofing does its job to keep your remodeling project dry. 1. Exterior Drainage and Foundation Damage That Needs Repairs Read More 

The Information You Can Learn From A Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera is a useful tool when you're having problems with a backed up drain. A plumber can send the camera down the pipe to see what's causing the problem. This helps the plumber come up with the best way to fix your sewer drain without having to dig it up just to see what's going on. Here's how a sewer camera is helpful. The Camera Provides Video Of The Obstruction Read More 

Maintaining A Functional Sewage System

A major part of a house that many homeowners neglect to pay attention to is the main sewer line. The reason why the sewer line is often overlooked is because it is located on the exterior of the house and is buried under the ground. Neglecting the sewer line is a big mistake because it can cause several problems inside of your house if it falls into bad shape. You should get the sewer line inspected by a professional every now and then, as well as other parts of the sewage system. Read More 

Three Things That Make Your Furnace Go “Boom”

Has your furnace been making a strange "boom" noise lately? Sometimes this problem is a big cause for concern, and other times it really is not. Here are three common things that make your furnace go "boom," along with some tips for detecting and handling each problem.  Broken Heat Exchanger This is perhaps the worst-case scenario for a noisy furnace. The heat exchanger is a part of your furnace that transfers heat from the burner to the circulating air. Read More 

6 Remodeling Projects To Splurge On In 2018

As Americans recover from the recent recession, they are opening their wallets and shopping. Consumer spending may be up, but homeowners are specifically keen on using their spending power on remodeling their homes. Between wanting to keep up with the Jones' and lusting after cable television's glut of home remodeling shows, they've got plans—big plans! In fact, according to Time Magazine, homeowners have been spending over $300 billion each year on home repairs and remodeling projects. Read More