Why You Need An Electrician When Building An Addition

If you are getting ready to have an addition built onto an existing structure, you will want to make sure that you are taking the time to hire a licensed electrician. Instead of attempting to do the electrical services work on your own, you will want a professional to help you so you can have the following benefits. Knows About Inspections While you may know that you will need to have some inspections done for your addition, the professional electrician will know when each inspection will need to be completed and this will help ensure that some of the work does not have to be undone. Read More 

Three Things To Do Before You Turn Your AC On This Year

Spring has sprung! This is a pretty easy season for your HVAC system. You probably aren't using your furnace much any more, if at all, and it's still too cool to turn the AC on. This makes spring the perfect time of year to tackle some HVAC maintenance tasks before air conditioning season arrives. Here are three tasks to get you started. Install a HEPA filter. If you're currently using a standard fiberglass or cotton air filter, make this the season that you upgrade to a HEPA filter. Read More 

How To Repair An Oven That Doesn’t Cook Evenly

There's nothing worse than cooking dinner and when you take it out of the oven, half of your casserole is burned and the other half is cooked to perfection. You can waste a lot of food this way, and cooking can be difficult. The problem isn't your cooking, it's your oven cooking your food unevenly. The reason it is doing so can be because the heat in your oven is escaping through either the door or the gasket. Read More 

Differences Between A Screen Door, Security Screen Door, And Storm Door

Your front door (and sometimes your back or side doors) all have that solid port-of-entry door and an additional door that swings outward on its hinges. Most people assume that this outward-swinging door is just a screen door, but there are actually three different types of doors that can be used. There is a screen door, a storm door, and a security screen door. Here are their differences and what they are meant to do. Read More 

Tips For Maintaining Your Property’s Wetland Border

Buying a house that's been constructed along wetland borders means that you have to be cautious about preserving the property. Particularly in states like New Jersey, wetland protections are taken very seriously. In fact, in most places, you have to seek a permit before you can build or do anything else that could permanently alter the wetland area. If you're looking for ways to improve wetland conditions and preserve your property, there are some things that you can do without investing a ton of time and money. Read More