Three Things That Make Your Furnace Go “Boom”

Has your furnace been making a strange "boom" noise lately? Sometimes this problem is a big cause for concern, and other times it really is not. Here are three common things that make your furnace go "boom," along with some tips for detecting and handling each problem.  Broken Heat Exchanger This is perhaps the worst-case scenario for a noisy furnace. The heat exchanger is a part of your furnace that transfers heat from the burner to the circulating air. Read More 

6 Remodeling Projects To Splurge On In 2018

As Americans recover from the recent recession, they are opening their wallets and shopping. Consumer spending may be up, but homeowners are specifically keen on using their spending power on remodeling their homes. Between wanting to keep up with the Jones' and lusting after cable television's glut of home remodeling shows, they've got plans—big plans! In fact, according to Time Magazine, homeowners have been spending over $300 billion each year on home repairs and remodeling projects. Read More 

Moved Into A House With A Fireplace? Steps You Should Take Before Lighting A Fire

When you have recently moved into a new home, everything can seem new and exciting to you. This is especially true if you recently moved into a home with a wood-burning fireplace for the first time in your life. The thought of sitting around the fire with a warm cup of cocoa might be one of the first items on your agenda after you get settled into your new home. However, before you throw in a few logs and light that first fire, there are some steps that you should take to make sure your fireplace and chimney are in good working order. Read More 

Crawlspace Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

You may not be sure what maintenance is required if this is your first time owning a home with a crawlspace. Issues you may face are different compared to a home with a basement or on a slab foundation, but it isn't anything that should be a major concern. The following tips can help you tend to the crawlspace properly so you don't have any issues: Tip #1: Find your vents Read More 

Are Substandard Gutters Putting Your Foundation At Risk?

If you've noticed your gutters becoming clogged far more easily and frequently than before, sometimes sending a flow of water over the gutter's edge and directly onto your porch or into your yard, you may wonder whether the issue lies with the amount of debris raining down onto your roof or the gutters themselves. Gutters can take quite a beating over their useful life, and in many cases, constantly-clogging gutters can indicate cracks, leaks, or other issues that prevent water from flowing unimpeded from one end to the other. Read More